Cub Scout Pack 3 - Somerville, MA

Join Cub Scouts or renew for 2023-24

Pack 3 and BSA registration for new Cub Scouts is now online! The only paperwork needed will be your updated scout medical form. Steps are different for new Cub Scouts just signing up vs. returning Cub Scouts who were members last year. Step-by-step instructions below.


We do not want Scouting to be closed to families because of financial concerns. If your family needs financial aid or a payment plan for this year, please contact Pack 3 volunteer treasurer Donna Clark directly: or We'll do our best to help figure it out.


for NEW Cub Scout FAMILIES joining in Fall 2023:


You've decided to sign up for Cub Scouts - great! The BSA seems to love paperwork, so we've broken it out in steps, and we're happy to help at any step of the way - just get in touch. Sign-up cost for new Cub Scouts is a total of $265 for the year, and that will be split between two different payments below.

  • First online payment is to the BSA - $173.04 - this covers the BSA new-registration and annual BSA membership fees, Adventure Card / access to local outdoor programs, monthly Scout Life magazine (highly recommended), and e-payment processing fee.

  • Second online payment is direct to Somerville Pack 3 - $92 - this is your scout's annual dues, and it covers neckerchief, T-shirt, badges and awards, Pinewood Derby car, and supplies for all den and pack activities


Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Pack 3 Registration Form / Contact Sheet - fill out online - one per family

  2. Create or log in to your MyScouting account as yourself - as an adult, you will log into this account to access all your scouts' official records

  3. Fill out a New Cub Scout Youth Application for each of your kids who are joining - you will make an online payment of $173.04 using a credit or debit card. Scout Life magazine is quite good, we highly recommend it

  4. Pay Pack 3 annual dues of $92 - [ payment link ] - for new cub scouts only

  5. Send in a BSA health form for each of your family members - see full instructions below.


Once we've received the forms and payment/arrangements, the BSA will process the registration, and you'll be all set! Once again, this is a completely new process this year, and there may be bumps. If you don't hear anything, please contact us ( and let us know what's up. We'll help figure it out.


RENEWAL Info for returning cub scouts:


Here are the steps to follow for kids who were registered last year:


  1. Pack 3 Registration Form / Contact Sheet - fill out online - one per family - so we can update pack records

  2. Pay combined BSA membership fee and Pack 3 dues - total amount $235 per scout - [ payment link ] - for returning cub scouts only - this covers annual BSA membership, Adventure Card / access to New England Base Camp, Scout Life, neckerchief exchange, T-shirt (if needed), badges and awards, Pinewood Derby car, and supplies for all den and pack activities

  3. Send an updated BSA health form for each of your family members - see full instructions below - these have to be "refreshed" every year


Then you'll be all set!


BSA Health Forms - 1 per family member


We need to keep a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record - Part A and Part B on file for each member of your family. The form is required in order to attend field trips, outings, overnighters, etc. Siblings and adults do each need their own form. The health form is a "fillable" PDF -- you can download it, fill it out, print, and sign. We'll also need a copy of your health insurance card. Finally, take a photo/scan of this stuff and send to mail/dropoff to Somerville Pack 3, c/o Marc Tanner, 7 Spencer Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144.

Then you'll be good to go for the next year...but please do send an updated form if your health situation changes. Thanks!